During the Trump era, Iranian American immigrant Sabereh Kashi is fearful of a U.S. military strike on Iran while striving to establish her home in a collective house in Oakland, California. With nine housemates, she struggles to join a land trust to counteract skyrocketing housing prices, and the contentious process reminds her of a five year détente with her father in Iran who demanded that she either make Iran or the U.S. her real home. Set against the backdrop of the history of U.S.-Iran relations, her paradoxical experiences of being a Muslim woman embracing two opposing cultures inform her search for home, family, love, and belonging.



poems of winter and cigarettes


This diary-style documentary follows two days in the life of an eloquent and opinionated playwright and director, Siavish Shabanpour, a once promising young poet in Iran. While experiencing the seemingly mundane events of his life in snowy Toronto, Canada, Siavash expresses his wistful and witty opinions about culture shock and his new life as an immigrant. He slowly unveils his personal dilemma with love and sexuality while challenging the Iranian communitys sexual taboos in his plays. Meanwhile, struggling with language barriers and isolation at his university Theater Studies program, he seeks to find his place in Canadian society.








Lalezar street


In this experimental film, an Iranian couple explore Lalezar Street, long renowned as the hub of Western culture in the heart of the Iranian capital, as it transforms from glamour and efflorescence to negligence and abomination.