Woven Multimedia is a documentary, video, and multimedia production studio founded by Sabereh Kashi. Having two decades of experience in media in the U.S., Canada, and Iran, she harnesses the power of storytelling to effectively convey core messages. As a documentary editor and story consultant, she helps attract audiences, educate, conduct public advocacy, secure funding, and promote organizational and brand identity.








Home Yet Far Away explores the difficulty of being a bicultural citizen of two countries in political conflict since the 1979 Iranian revolution. When her mother suddenly passes away, Sabereh Kashi, an Iranian-American immigrant, begins a long journey to find her true home and make sense of her disjointed self. While healing her relationship with her distant father, who raised her to not follow societal gender roles, she comes to a new understanding of the feminine within herself and the society she left behind.         













poems of winter and cigarettes


This diary-style documentary follows two days in the life of an eloquent and opinionated playwright and director, Siavish Shabanpour, a once promising young poet in Iran. While experiencing the seemingly mundane events of his life in snowy Toronto, Canada, Siavash expresses his wistful and witty opinions about culture shock and his new life as an immigrant. He slowly unveils his personal dilemma with love and sexuality while challenging the Iranian communitys sexual taboos in his plays. Meanwhile, struggling with language barriers and isolation at his university Theater Studies program, he seeks to find his place in Canadian society.








Lalezar street


In this experimental film, an Iranian couple explore Lalezar Street, long renowned as the hub of Western culture in the heart of the Iranian capital, as it transforms from glamour and efflorescence to negligence and abomination.










Woven Multimedia works with independent artists and community based organizations as well as nonprofit and for-profit corporations. We work with projects that resonate with us and offer a creative challenge. We come up with creative solutions to meet and exceed the needs and scope of each project.        



Sabereh Kashi has been involved in the development, fundraising, production, and post-production of several documentary films internationally. She sees the unique essence of each project and works closely with directors to clarify their vision and develop their stories, while raising visibility with funders and audiences. She can come on board from the early stages of post-production, helping to figure out the themes and story arc, as well as editing works-in-progress and fundraising trailers. She can work as a primary editor throughout a film, or as a fine cut editor and story consultant who reshapes the rough cut to final cut. Her specialty is editing documentaries with a personal angle.



For the ITVS documentary Our Summer in Tehran, Sabereh was the co-writer and fine cut editor. She worked closely with Oscar nominated filmmaker Justine Shapiro to re-edit the rough cut and shape the final story.



For Sundance-winner documentary Sonita by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, Sabereh consulted on story and themes, then edited the first work-in-progress that attracted the attention of Women Make Movies and Chicken and Egg.  



For Tuesday Lunch by Diane Stark, Sabereh worked to clarify the story and main themes. She edited a new trailer that was used both for a crowdfunding campaign and for grants. With the money raised, she coached Diane to edit the rough cut, while planning for additional fundraising.



In todays digital world, where people are saturated with information, videos are effective tools to not only convey information, but also spark emotions, and create a deeper connection beyond what can be delivered through words. Woven Multimedia produces a wide range of videos for different clients with different needs.


video SOCIAL MEDIA campaigns

for publicity and fundraising

Social media is an effective way to communicate with your community and also tap into new communities to expand your network. We help you create video social media campaigns that will help you with marketing, advertisement, promotion, education, and public advocacy.  



We created a video campaign on Facebook for the dance performance The Conference of the Birds for Sangam Arts and Enact Arts.



We developed the Youtube Channel and Facebook Shahnameh for Modern Time for Manouchehr Ghanbari.



We worked with SHADE to create a public advocacy video on social media to raise awareness around child sexual abuse by the police.  








Sabereh Kashi is a documentary filmmaker and editor, passionate about connecting diverse people and communities through storytelling. She has worked on award-winning films broadcast on BBC, PBS, and international television networks and screened at IDFA,Hot Docs,andUNAFF. Her documentary films have screened at festivals internationally. She was editor and co-writer of the PBS/ITVS film Our Summer in Tehran by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Justine Shapiro. She editedSURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking that won awards at the LA World International Film Festival, Seattles Social Justice Film Festival, and Kiev Film Festival. Currently, she is working on HOME YET FAR AWAY, a personal documentary that searches for her feminine roots in Iran and America. She is a Citizenship Fellow at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the co-founder of Re-Present Media aiming to humanize underrepresented communities in documentary films. She has a PhD in Art Research from Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran.                                                         




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